JINC 0.9 - Administration Guide

The JINC (Joomla! Integrate Newsletter Compment) is a Joomla! component to manage newsletters that can help Joomla! administrator to communicate with users and guests.

This document describes the activities to administer JINC in order to create newsletters, send messages and manage subscribers. This paper contains also the description of the main functionalities JINC provides to help the administrator to compose messages, to follow the subscription trend, to allow automatic subscription to a newsletter and so on …

This document refers to JINC version 0.9.

Intended audience

The intended audience of this document are Joomla! administrators who wants to communicate with users and guests using one or more newsletters.

drive add Installation
 sitemap color Main Page and Options
 newspaper go Newsletter Management
 mail Message Management
 feed Subscriber Management
 statistics  Statistics
 three tags  Theme Management
 attributes display Addiction Attributes Management



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